Love Ranch

About 2 years ago Vicki had the opportunity to work as an extra in a movie being filmed here in Reno. The movie entitled “Love Ranch” is a drama based on The world famous brothel located near Reno called the Mustang ranch. The storyline is a thinly disguised telling of the relationship between the Brothel owner Joe Conforte, His wife and a boxer named Oscar Buenovena. Vicki appeared as an extra in street and casino scenes filmed in downtown Reno.

The film scheduled to be released in theaters on Sept 16th stars Joe Pesci and Helen Mirren and takes place here in Reno and at the ranch east of Reno (Ranch scenes for most part were filmed in Albq, NM).

Last night we atteneded a special screening of the film prior to its release hosted by the director Taylor Hackford (Ray, Proof of Life and others) The film while not as good as I hoped also was not as bad as some rumors had it. Overall if you get a chance worth seeing . The negatives I saw were considerable license took with the facts of the real story and the music used was teribble. Living in Reno the NM set fell short of the real location but if one not familiar with the territory it will pass.

It is also a bit humorous that IMDB lists 2 reviews by users which after my seeing the film it is obvious niether reviewer actually saw the film.



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  1. Being a former 18 wheeler jockey, I’ve heard about some of those places on the “other side of the tracks” in several Nevada towns :). Saw a TV special about the “Mustang Ranch” not too long ago. Didn’t know they made a movie of that nature though. Will look for it.

    Wayne said that

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