Isn’t it amazing before the Tucson victims are even cared for the left somehow has to blame those “Crazy Tea Baggers” for the acts of a lunatic. I learned a long time ago that the acts of a deranged person are just that. Those who throw stones shouldn’t live in glass houses. No matter his viewpoints came from the Communist Manefesto etc.  Apparently they feel any disaster is an opportunity to argue their vitriol. Makes me Sick as evidence one of many examples This screenshot is from June 2008 the liberal blog Daily Kos.  It is a large and vitriol filled article if you wish you can view it in full clicking here. What Hypocracy!! Click on the image to see full size.


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  1. People on both sides of the fence are too eager to place blame, kick the dog when it’s down and take no repsonsibility. This shooting spree is a tragic event caused by a deranged individual who couldn’t stand up and make a point rationally, so he reverted to the only method he could come up with in his deranged condition. This tragedy makes me sick, saddened and angry. I am relating my feelings to my State and Federal officials to keep their mouths shut and stop blaming others. We need to spend more time corraling these sick individuals and get them to institutions where they belong.


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