The NAACP has just labeled anyone and everyone who has any sympathy for the “TEA PARTY” viewpoint as Racist and and a White Supremist. I am fed up with the hypocritical and childish idea that disagreeing with the annointed one’s viewpoint automatically branding one a racist. It shows where the real BIGOTRY lies. Funny 13 days before the election just in time for the election news cycle.  I hope that the obvious stunt backfires and redoubles the conservative vote!


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  1. The NAACP comes us with S— fresh from the outhouse. To me, it goes in one ear and out the other. Anyone who disagrees with their group is labeled a Racist. Somewhere along the line I have become a Conservative Liberal or a Liberal Conservative, I don’t know which. I sure don’t agree with what is going on in our political system right now. There’s too much $$$$$ floating around for our politicians, both sides of the fence, to keep clear minds of what they were elected for. I admire your convictions Ken.

    Wayne said that.

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