Arizona Law

So you dislike the new AZ immigration law. Well often I post others opinions here well this time I think I will address those who think the law somehow is wrong or racist. Get it straight there is a war along that border and if feds don’t fix then the state has the responsibility to its citizens. For all you whining Politically Correct IDIOTS out there simply justify your position to the Arizona Deputy who was shot yesterday by a AK-47 wielding Illegal Alien smuggling Drugs you guessed it across the Arizona Border

Perhaps we all know at least one employer who hires illegals perhaps ICE should be called


Arizona Law — 1 Comment

  1. Amen to this one. This law needs to expand to other states and perhaps nation wide. There are also some shady characters here in our country taking flying lessons. Let’s get them on the list too. And by the way…let’s all give Sheriff Joe a big hand for the way he runs his business. When you see a crook, think; outdoors barbed wire, hot sun and pink clothes!

    C. Wayne Ware
    Cedar Falls, IA

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