Welcome to my Blog

Ever since the 1990’s I have maintained KWILLIAMS.ORG as a presence on the Internet. Originally it was used to provide a means for my geographically widespread family and friends to communicate in the days before there was such a thing as free email services. Ever since then I have used this site to both communicate with my family and friends and to maintain and practice my web skills.

In addition since the advent of social networks etc the web site has become more a place where I can park content I or my friends wish to share that does not fit the content areas of the social networks a place where we control the content and can choose what we wish to post.

Those who know me know my love of political baiting and my not always politically correct humor and this allows me and those who share my thoughts to post and share without necessarily upsetting the PC (that’s Politically Correct) crowd.

Enjoy and if you wish register and contribute as well.


Space Oddity

While I never was much of a David Bowie fan and particularly thought his “Space Oddity” was a rather odd item Canadian Astronaut Chris Hadfield did a number on it and gave us this rather entertaining cover.

Dishonorable Disclosure

Last week the Obummer administration began taking steps to prevent the Military from voting early in Ohio. As a Veteran and understanding somewhat the military environment I think I know why he doesn’t want the military to vote. This Video is a good example of what the military really thinks about the Commander in Chief. A scary situation. Watch and be afraid for the future if Obummer is re-elected.